What to expect from your consultation


You shall be speaking directly with the high priestess, hoodoo practitioner, who shall ascertain which spell is applicable for your desired outcome. The money that you spend on your consultation shall be deducted from your spell. This is a non-refundable service, taking into consideration the time given to you, and information regarding spells connected to your personal situation.


Before you purchase you need to have a consultation, consultations are £200 for 30 minutes, be direct in your discussion and please write below in the comment box your situation and the high priestess, hoodoo practitioner shall respond to you shortly. Discounts for those who need repeated spells in a course of a month. For example, if you purchase a spell in February and have the same spell repeated in March a discount under the conjurer's discretion shall be applied. 


Block Buster                              £990

Peaceful Sleep                          £990

Aura Cleansing                          £900

Protection (7 Family Members)  £7,000

Money Jar (stored 1 month)       £1400

New Love                                   £1950

Candle Reading                         £100

Weight Loss                               £950

Good Sex                                   £2000

Love Uncrossing                        £3000

Remove Evil and Negativity        £5000

Speak the Truth                          £2000

Protect your Marriage                 £3000

Fertility (Man)                             £10000

Fertility (Woman)                        £16000

House Move                               £5000

New Job                                    £3000

Home Cleansing(DIY Spell)       £1500

Love Cleansing(DIY Spell)        £3000

Good Sex Cleansing(DIY)         £3000

Truth Cleansing(DIY)                £3000

Voodoo Doll Money                  £2000

Voodoo Doll Block Buster (7)    £2000

VD Fertility (Woman)                 £32000

VD Block Buster                       £1900

VD Good Sex                           £4000

VD New Love                           £2900









Consultation Fee £200  




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