House Move Spell - I purchased the house move spell, after 5 years of trying to purchase a home after my divorce and stuck living at home with my parents was beginning to be too much I was desperate for a move. The combination of the spell and my transit reading got me the dream home I needed for me and my kids. Rinki 



Domination Spell - My daughter's husband was cheating while she was pregnant and I was scared he was going to leave her, I was happy to see after a week of the spell he came back to my daughter and started to listen to her. Thank you Yania



Health Spell - I found out my ovaries were blocked after my spell so I went to the doctors who also confirmed this was true. After a month session of spells by ovaries are clearing and I feel happier within my health. Thank you dearly, Martine



Revenge Spell - I had many issues with a chap at work who was interfering in my relationship with the boss, he was also stealing from the company but there was no evidence to prove my claims. After the spell he got arrested, which is what I asked for, he had arguments with his wife and broke his marriage and he has taken a big step back from my relationship. Thank you, Ruth



Destroy Enemy - A guy was very rude to me and caused a lot of distress so I had a revenge spell and he got fired from his job. I am very happy with the results. Pauline



Separation Spell - I had a spell done to stop a guy I was close with to not get married he was due to leave the country within a week after the spell was done he did not leave to get married and they are split up now. I am so happy that I had this spell done and it proves that these spells work 100%. I also had the penis dysfunctional spell by having a clairvoyant reading I found out he has developed rashes on his penis. V.D



Money Jar Spell - I have had a money jar spell I was getting money from work customers that NEVER tip was giving me money left right and centre it was fantastic. I also placed a bet it was my last £20 and it won and for some reason obviously, the money jar as there is no other explanation I received the extra money I was supposed to get only £146 and I received £209. V.D



Domination Spell - I purchased the domination spell this guy was working on a project and because he was making money off me and the project was coming to an end, he was trying to prolong it, he was ignoring my messages and when he finally replied he had excuse after excuse to why he  couldn't send my work, he lived in another country so I couldn't pay him a visit.  I purchased the domination spell once it was done I had a conversation with him and he emailed me my work. V.D



Separation Spell - I was in a love triangle and the woman I wanted to be with was influenced romantically by another woman who was blocking me from being with her, after the spell, I noticed within weeks their friendship had broken and now I have what I want. I cannot thank you enough for many years I have suffered. Nadia


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