Astrology & Me by Nyanza

I was driving my aunt home from a family function one night and we were talking about what a good night it had been. We agreed on almost everything about the night except for her cousin's behaviour - the infamous Uncle Ken! (as we called him). Uncle Ken was an alcoholic, we saw him drink more than he ate. The younger generation in the family loved him. He was highly intelligent, refreshing & hilariously funny - the adults were just fearful as he had a habit of exposing family secrets at the most innaproprate times which we thought was hysterical!!

As we drove back towards my aunt's house I pulled up outside her front door and she began to talk quite prophetically to me, it was like she was speaking in a state of trance. I knew that I would never have an experience with my Beloved aunt like this again and I listened intently as her spoke to me with words that sounded like they were coming from 'beyond'. Words of Wisdom & advice as well as how the world will change in years to come.

As she gathered her bag and was about to leave the car she turned to me & said with her soft accent and beautiful smile:

"In this life on earth, we're just passing through darling so you make sure you make the best of it..'

A few years later my Beloved Aunt passed on & I'm here still passing through, trying to negotiate my life. Many of us have heard these words from the French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

On an subconscious level I have always known & felt this to be true, that I am more than my physical body, more than the thousands of thoughts that ruminate through my head on a daily basis and more than just my everyday life here on earth. So, if I am this Spiritual being having a human existence, what guidance systems has the universe put in place to assist me on my way, how accurate are they & how much do we rely on them ?

Astrology is one such system that I seek guidance & direction from. Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects my mood, personality, and environment, dependent upon my exact time of birth..

I was made aware of the time of my birth from a young age. My father - an enthusiastic & articulate orator enjoys telling me repeatedly about the situation surrounding my birth time. He was part of a local community cricket team and was just about to bat when a policeman approached him and told him that he was required at the local hospital as his wife had gone into labour. He rushed to the hospital and was informed that his unborn child was in a breech position & therefore my mother was in need of an emergency caesarian.

"It was ten minutes after twelve " he'd tell me. Little did I know how important that time would become & I feel Blessed now that my father kept on telling me my birth time as my mother passed on when I was very young -whenever I would ask any of my uncles the time any of their children's birth-they didn't have a clue !

During my childhood and teenage years my dad would often joke that my crazy side & my clumsiness is due my wanting to leave my mother's womb bottom first coupled with the fact of my being left handed! (I now beg to differ & I'm sure my chart could explain away some of this).

I had my first chart calculated when I was 24 years old by a man called Shem de Hum Hum, a tactless astrologer at a Spritual fair. He scared me witless when he told me that according to my chart I could die one day from an heart attack.I later heard that he'd been reprimanded for telling others the exact same thing!

Fortunately, this did not put me off exploring astrology a little further, whoch I did on and off throughout the years, I'd research on the internet my planetary placements and their meanings etc but always craved a more in depth understanding. It is only now that I am taking my chart more seriously.

Virgo is my sun sign, which should mean that I have the ability to analyse with precision. Many occasions I have been told that I think too much & that I can be critical (which if I'm honest with myself is true!). However, I also see the good that comes with having my sun sign in virgo which includes great attention to detail.

I know that I am not just my Sun but am a unique combination of my Sun sign, Moon, Venus and Rising Sign – and many, many more factors!

Astrology was recently described to me as 'a baseline for individuals which will allow us to understand ourselves better. We are not 100% like our charts as we have our own free to amend that baseline'.

The fact that we humans are vaster than just finite and personal egos feels very relieving to me..

It may not be for everyone, but one thing I know for sure is that I have a much greater understanding of who I am as a person & am aware of my Soul's purpose in this lifetime.

Now all I have to put in the work !

Peace & Love

Nyanza x

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