1) You must be 18 years old and over to have a reading with me.


2) You are not permitted to record, tape or film any of the voice or face to face readings unless you have a written and signed agreement from me.


3) I will not make your decisions for you, you must choose which pathway you wish to take on your own initiative.


4) I will not make future predictions, as in life nothing is written in stone this includes timings anything can change everyone has free will. I shall give you strong possible outcomes according to the pathway you are currently on or I may introduce to you a pathway which has a higher possibility to take you into the direction of your preference in your life.


5 I solely use my natural gift and other natural methods including telepathy and crystals to deliver strong messages that may help you steer your life in the direction of your preference.


6) Readings should not be used in replacement of a doctor or psychiatrist, please seek the professional medical assistance.


7) By paying for my services you are entering into a legal agreement to abide by these rules.


8) Please do not ask any illegal questions or about any high profile legal cases which may be in the media.


9) Under UK law, please note that readings are classed as for entertainment purposes only. All readings and questions responded to, should at no time be regarded as guidance that would replace the advice given by a professional qualified in the areas of pertaining to legal, health/medical or financial issues.


10) All readings are strictly kept confidential and shall not be discussed with a third party.


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