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I have studied western astrology since I was 14 years old and have studied more intensely in the past three years. I can do general natal chart readings, synastry readings, and transit readings. I also have developed focused readings on love and life purpose. I am a believer of free will so I use astrology to let you know how the energies of the universe are relating to your life. Instead of focusing on dates of when certain events will happen, if you should take a person back, or if you should work in a certain industry, I will let you know how the energy of your chart translates in your life so you could have some supporting information to help you make that important decision.


I believe that YOU have the power to take advantage of the universe’s energy. See it as me teaching you how to fish instead of just giving you fish. If you would like my assistance, feel free to reach out.


Love Dimmi


  • Western Astrologer



  • Love/relationships

  • Career/work

  • Destiny/life path





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Booking Enquiries


Booking Enquiries have been created for all the services on our platform to focus on our genuine clients and give them the best service that they deserve. As you may imagine we receive allot of enquiries, some who are from very lonely people who want to talk for free. 

Messages that are sent without payments shall not be answered, for those of you who are not wanting a paid service please contact the Good Samaritans it is a free service for those who are at crisis point.


Thank you (Management Team) 

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