What to expect from your consultation


You shall be speaking directly with the high priestess, hoodoo practitioner, who shall ascertain which spell is applicable for your desired outcome. The money that you spend on your consultation shall be deducted from your spell. This is a non-refundable service, taking into consideration the time given to you, and information regarding spells connected to your personal situation.


Before you purchase you need to have a consultation, consultations are £200 for 30 minutes, be direct in your discussion and please write below in the comment box your situation and the high priestess, hoodoo practitioner shall respond to you shortly. Discounts for those who need repeated spells in a course of a month. For example, if you purchase a spell in February and have the same spell repeated in March a discount under the conjurer's discretion shall be applied. 





Separation (Standard)             £1250

Separation (Intense)                £2000

Separation (Frozen)                 £3000

Divorce                                    £2000

Marriage                                  £5000

Dysfunctional Penis                 £1200

Bind Penis                               £1200                                 

Destroy Womb                         £3000

Destroy Vagina                        £2000

Miscarriage                             £2000

Court Case                              £1000

Destroy Money                        £1200

Revenge Jar                            £1200     

Domination                              £1250

Communication                       £1250 

Torment Mind                          £1250

Destroy Friendship                  £1200

Destroy the love                      £2000

Return Past Lover                    £2000

Fuck Off Casting                     £1200

Get Them Fired                       £2000

Arrested                                  £4000

Incarcerated                           £8000

Community Service                 £6000

Continued Car Trouble            £5000

Denied Visa                            £8000

Bind your partner                    £2000

Shut Your Mouth(Frozen)         £1250

Bring them nightmares            £1200 

Destroy Enemy                        £2000

Punish Nosey Neighbours       £1000

Remove a Hex                         £4000

Make their truth be lies            £2000

Destroy Family Ties                 £5000

Same Sex Intercourse             £4000

Voodoo Doll Separation           £2000

VD Destroy Future Marriages   £6000

VD Destroy Future Lovers        £3000

VD Destroy Future Business    £4000

VD Make them Infertile            £5000 

Voodoo Doll Reconciliation      £4000

Voodoo Doll Domination          £1000

Voodoo Doll Revenge              £2000

Voodoo Doll Arrested              £4000

Undesirable Opt Sex (VD)       £2000

Voodoo Doll Shut Up               £2000

VD Communication                 £1300

VD Bind Penis                         £4000

Prohibit Travel VD/Jar             £2000

Max Trio Combo Separation    £6000 (x1 couple) Voodoo, Jar, Skull, Freezer

Remove Jinx/Hex(posted)       £5000

Graveyard Torture Box(9Dys)  £10000

Surgical Torture/Hanging(9Dys)£20000

Graveyard (contact conjurer)


*Spells not listed please enquirer in your consultation





Consultation Fee £200        




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