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Jupiter Visions is a spiritual platform offering guidance and readings for those who seek clarity from their past, present and future. There are a variety of spiritual readings to select from in the book online section  which is there to help you in the development of your pathway in life. You shall also find spiritual readers from different parts of the world who work alongside Jupiter Visions utilising their skills to support you to achieve a deeper understanding of your life whilst supporting your growth. 


We also have a page dedicated to guided meditations which help many connect with their own spirit guides, ancestors or give you that essence of balance and inner peace. You'll find in the training area guided spiritual meditations supported by self-esteem and confidence courses. These are to support those on a spiritual level to understand the fundamental causes that prohibit them from moving forward or achieving development in their lives. For those who wish to opt for a one to one coaching session you may do so by selecting the link here.


The spiritual corner has been created as a one-stop section for competition winners to collect their readings privately, to receive exclusive readings, to enjoy practical life quotes and consultations on conjuring which is connected to the magical realm of spiritualism. 


We are popular on Social media outlets for practical life quotations and interactive photo readings. The forum has been recently created as a platform for those on social media to come together to make new friendships, start discussions, express and share their interests and to take advantage of huge discounts off spiritual readings.


To contact us you may connect with us on the live chat to your bottom right or send an email us and one of our team members shall contact you shortly.


Whatever you are seeking in life we hope to be of service to you, 


Love and Light 


Jupiter Visions





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